The mutterings of a busy working mother

Bible Illustrated

Shortly after Christmas Day I found it quite entertaining seeing everyone post about the colouring books they got and how relaxing they are. I actually got a few myself and have pulled out my markers, and coloured pencils to join in. I can sit and watch tv and colour away… Feeling the stress of the day melt away. 

I have a few favorites that center around bible verses, and they have become a great source of worship as well as stress release and relaxation. 

Early in December I found a page online with a devotional centred on illustrating a bible verse for the day. While I enjoyed others posting their works I found it difficult to do my own on a daily basis. The creator of this devotional has since created a weekly devotional aimed at creating a page weekly. Now this is something I can do…. Early in the week; late in the week; a little bit each day.

Right now we are studying Esther.  She is such a wonderful example of courage and how faith in God’s timing can guide you through the moments of your life. We have done two weeks of the study, and two illustrations:


The above are my interpretations. Like I said this is more than just a study; it is worship. A way to focus in on God’s word. 
I have so enjoyed these first two weeks, and have made a personal resolution to continue this study for this year.  I have never done bible journaling before this, but have seen others post. It can be deeply personal, or incredible works of art. It can be images, or portions of scripture artistically designed. 

I read the scripture, and pay particular attention to the focus verse or verses. I usually do an Internet search or two for image ideas, then start drawing. Apparently Esther seems to be inspiring shadow or silhouette figures. I am finding this a great source of personal bible study and a new avenue of worship. 

Looking forward to next weeks study…


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